Jestico + Whiles is a collaborative practice of architects and interior designers with an exceptional reputation at home and abroad, driven to achieve excellence in all we do.


Approach / Jestico Whiles

We approach every project with a fresh and enquiring mind bringing enthusiasm and creative thought to any design challenge. We work hard from the outset to establish mutually respectful and supportive relationships with our clients and collaborators. Our clients’ aims and aspirations form the basis of every creative journey.

We take great pride in our ability to listen to all those involved in the process and we see design as the catalyst of change and opportunity.

Our working method is open and receptive and we enjoy new challenges which push us to ever more creative places.

Humanity is at the heart of all we do and we take our responsibilities to the wider stewardship of the world very seriously.

Design excellence coupled with exceptional client service in all its forms is our constant driver and we love to share our enthusiasm.


Jestico + Whiles was one of the first design practices to change its structure almost 20 years ago to a model suited to a more sustainable and employee focussed community. Our Employee-Owned Trust is a model that has become adopted by other practices and has delivered continual benefits for all members. It places value on the contribution that everyone makes to the success of our business. We are all committed to ensuring that we continually strive for excellence and exceptional client service.


As early pioneers of sustainability in its many forms, including both social and environmental, we have continually promoted the importance of considering our precious resources through the work that we do and the influence we have. Our track record is enviable and the checks and balances we have in place to measure what we do and how we do it result from extensive experience and expertise. We lead by example and encourage by informed discussion.


We’ve got standards coming out of our ears – spreadsheets, ISO’s, protocols, policies, systems and any manner of things that we need to comply with OJEU and government policy in order to secure a project. We invest shed loads into this stuff and no doubt it makes us better designers and people. But there’s no spreadsheet for talent, which we have in abundance.


Our designs are modern but are not borne of any particular house-style or preconceptions. We listen carefully to our clients’ requirements and then respond creatively to deliver spaces which meet their needs but also excite and inspire them. Our buildings are identifiable through the quality of design, attention to detail, and thoroughness of thought. We make all of our projects special.


We recognise that construction is a team effort and we bring considerable experience of delivering complex projects in many varied sectors and locations. Throughout this process our acknowledged qualities of leadership can add value and motivate everyone involved. For us, design continues through all stages of project delivery and we solve problems by bringing our creative energy to the fore, delivering award-winning, cost effective solutions to our clients’ briefs.


The care and passion we commit to the work we do extends to our responsibilities to the wider world. We actively support numerous organisations including Orkidstudio and Article 25 which work to use architecture to effect social change and well-being. We support charities, undertake work on a pro bono basis and hold fundraising events. With our support, many members of our team have travelled to remote parts of the world to bring their unique skills to solve local problems.