Meet Jestico + Whiles' Team at Sleep & Eat 2019



Meet Jestico + Whiles team at Sleep & Eat 2019.

Responding to this year's theme of 'Social FlexAbility', Sleep & Eat organised The Hub — the place for co-working. Our Associate Director, Jennifer de Vere-Hopkins, with other leaders of the design industry, is hosting a networking event. Please join us at The Hub on November 20 at 2 pm to make a new connection with us, or to get our take on what's happening in hospitality design, and how the boundaries with workspace are more and more blurred!

Another reason to go to the conference tomorrow: our Director James Dilley will be a speaker on the 'Guilt-Free Experiences' panel discussion. Together with Jonathan Ashmore, ANARCHITECT Founder and Director, Chris Miller, Design Group Italia Creative Director, Callie Tedder-Hares, Volume Founder, and Heleri Rande, Sleep & Eat Moderator and Programme Director, James will discuss what sets a true eco-hotel apart from a regular one and how can we still have a guilt-free experience in luxury environment.