Jestico + Whiles to design The Hub at The Independent Hotel Show



“Jestico + Whiles had the most interesting and well-presented design," says Andrew Linwood. "It starts with a strong narrative concept – the whimsical relationship between the British and their weather – which is clearly extrapolated throughout the various major design elements: umbrellas, rain projections etc.” Vanessa Brady OBE adds: “Jestico + Whiles really seem to have grasped the thought process with inspiration, functionality and compliance, then adding specialities and finally raw talent”

Commenting on their vision for The Hub, James Dilley, Head of Interior Design and Hospitality at Jestico + Whiles says: "Jestico + Whiles has chosen to focus on sense of place through the English obsession with the weather. Mundane as this may seem, when taken into a new setting, it can become a celebration of Englishness.

Visitors to the show can see Jestico + Whiles vision for The Hub brought to life during the two-day event. Held at Olympia West on 20 and 21 October, The Independent Hotel Show and The Hub offer a wealth of ideas and inspiration for the forward thinking independent hotel owner.

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