London Festival of Architecture: Drawing Together



To take part in 'Drawing Together' for the LFA Digital Festival, please save this template, draw on it and send it to before 30 June.

Your drawing will then be uploaded to the account @plusdrawingtogether on Instagram.

In isolation, we have all recently experienced how the community that surrounds us - both physical and digital - is of vital importance during this unprecedented time. For the LFA Digital Festival, Jestico + Whiles is proposing a collaborative drawing project which enable users to experience the power of digital collaboration. Using pre-drawn elements showing the outline of a building section, each participant is able to draw an assigned square within a grid depicting a fantasy building.

Architects, designers and members of the public are invited to contribute in equal measure, creating a virtual discussion about architecture, power and community.

Inspired by the game consequences, invented by the surrealist movement, the project will see each collaborator add to the composition throughout the duration of the festival. The completed end result will be displayed on a dedicated Instagram account, making the most of the ‘3 x infinity’ structure of the online tool’s grid and allowing viewers to scroll through an never ending building section.