Jestico + Whiles Supports Matt + Fiona on a New 'Oval Theater' Project



We are excited to be supporting for a second year Matt + Fiona as their Industry Champions. Last year's project was a great success, and this year is even more ambitious and exciting. Together with Buro Happold Engineering, we are helping young people to build a new performance space at Oval House.

Ovalhouse Theatre are currently moving from their home of many years in Oval to a purpose-built space in Brixton. It is an excellent opportunity to manifest that young people are at the centre of decision-making at the theatre: it is a place both for and by them. Young people will set the agenda for both the off-site programme (January – March 2020) and the lead-up to the soft opening (April – September 2020) of the new building.

Our architects are having lots of fun at the preparation workshops. The final building chapter will be finished in Spring 2020.