New London Architecture report, Resilient London: confronting climate change, features two Jestico + Whiles projects



Climate predictions suggest that, over the next three decades, London is expected to experience more arid summers, more humid winters and endure more frequent extreme weather events such as heavy rainfalls. 

By mid-century, summer temperatures are forecast to resemble those of Barcelona with temperatures in the city as much as 10° higher than in the surrounding countryside due to the urban heat island effect.

The New London Architecture report Resilient London: confronting climate change explores initiatives across London and considers the ability of those working within the built environment to responsibly address a changing climate. The report includes projects from London, across the UK and around the world that demonstrate sustainable environmental approaches and take into consideration climate resilience.

The report features two Jestico + Whiles projects. The Wilds at Barking Riverside is a unique building that acts as a gateway to a 10,800-home development at Barking Riverside and also provides an ecology centre and innovative Envac waste collection facility for the local community. The 134 page document also includes our concept design for a Net Zero Carbon School prototype.

Download the report: Here

View The Wilds at Barkingside Here