Open House: Live Music Sculpture concert held at the GLA, City Hall



On Saturday 17th September, as a unique celebration of London’s Open House weekend, a Live Music Sculpture concert will take place at the GLA, City Hall.

Produced by Jestico + Whiles and award-winning composer Samuel Bordoli, the unique event involves music written specially for the space in which it was held to enhance the 'acoustic signature' of the London Assembly atrium within City Hall.

Working closely with the architects of the building, Foster + Partners – who closely analysed the acoustic performance of the space and who are principal sponsors of the event, Bordoli wrote the site-specific piece that will be performed throughout the afternoon, on the hour from 1pm.

Previous Live Music Sculpture events have demonstrated that the unique experience for the audience, who will walk down the ramp, spiralling around the elliptical atrium while listening to the music, will change their perception of both the music and the architecture. The event promises to be an extra-ordinary celebration of the architecture, and particularly fitting for Open House.

View the event on the Open House 2016 programme