Skills+ day at Jestico + Whiles



August 21, we had a very special guest at Skills+ day at Jestico + Whiles. Mark Swenarton, the author of the 'Cook's Camden: The Making of Modern Housing' book, gave a passionate lecture about the council house architecture. Swenarton told the story of the architect Sydney Cook, his ideas, and how those worked or didn't.

The housing projects built in Camden in the 1960s and 1970s when Sydney Cook was borough architect are widely regarded as the most important urban housing built in the UK in the past 100 years. The schemes — which included Alexandra Road, Branch Hill, Fleet Road, Highgate New Town and Maiden Lane — set out a model of street-based housing that continues to command interest and admiration from architects to this day.

Jestico + Whiles team visited all these fascinated buildings in the footsteps of Mark Swenarton's book.

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