The Right Formula

In the corner of a Manchester laboratory in 2004, two scientists stumbled on a major discovery while pulling pieces of Sellotape apart - graphene. This is the story of those scientists, Professors Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov, their eureka moment, subsequent Nobel Prizes and investigation into the wonder material’s potential uses. But it is also the tale of the building they created with architects Jestico + Whiles and others to push graphene’s potential ever further. This is the story of the National Graphene Institute.

The Right Formula can be purchased at all good bookshops and on Amazon.


PLUS charts the happenstance of events that has guided the practice's award-winning design approach against the changing political and economic events of the last 35+ years. The book is a journey of our practice through essays by Martin Spring and David Taylor and with a foreword by Peter Murray, the book relates how Jestico + Whiles became the first architecture firm to transfer ownership into a trust run by and for the benefit of its staff, leading to creative working relationships with clients and unusual designs of great quality. Read an extract here.

PLUS can be purchased at the RIBA Bookshop or contact the office directly.