Ericsson Palace

Dating back to the 12th century, the historic Ericsson Palace was painstakingly repaired to conserve the remaining fabric, providing a mix of uses including retail, workspace and housing.

Client Perpetum

Location Prague, Czech Republic

Status Built


Ericsson Palace / Jestico Whiles

The Ericsson Palace dates from the 12th Century and is situated on historic Karlova Street, next to Old Town Square in the centre of Prague.

The practice have sensitively restored the Palace to provide retail space, and workspace on the ground floor and housing on the upper levels.

The design is influenced by a process of meticulous evaluation and investigation which has revealed successive layers of historic fabric including an invaluable fourteenth century wall painting concealed behind a Baroque mural.

Finishes are minimal and complement the historic building, and a well considered lighting scheme highlights the restored vaulted ceilings. Glazing with slender dark framing has been designed around the internal courtyards to provide new circulation corridors and provides a contrast with the restored yellow walls of the Palace building.

Ericsson Palace / Jestico Whiles
Ericsson Palace / Jestico Whiles