29, Jun 23

James Dilley speaks at Hotel Design’s Roundtable for Clerkenwell Design Week

Director James Dilley joined Hotel Designs' Roundtable hosted by Editor Hamish Kilburn discussing how trends are translated in hotels around the world.

James challenged the value of a trend that is accepted globally. “Sometimes a universal trend is not always positive,” he said. “I think what often we’re talking about is a reaction to the globalisation of design. Design is, all of a sudden, instantly accessible after being a bombarded with looks, styles and trends from social media. People, and clients, are seeing things that they like and reacting to them. It’s a bit like baking a cake. You may have all the ingredients in front of you, but to bake a cake you need to be a good baker. The people who know how to assemble a good design scheme are living in a world of Pinterest.”

The Roundtable was hosted during Clerkenwell Design Week at SANIPEX UK’s showroom, bringing together Brooke Radtke, Trevor To, Diana Darmina, Claire Smith & James Dilley.

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