A culture of embracing self-expression and creativity

We pride ourselves on being a welcoming, inclusive, friendly and collaborative place to work, where employee wellbeing is prioritised and every person is valued. We thrive on a culture of mutual support, democratic participation and open lines of communication.

Two decades ago, we were one of the first design practices to change its structure to an employee-owned trust, a model based on a sustainable and employee-focused community. Our model recognises the value of the contribution that everyone makes to our success.

We are in the process of becoming B Corp certified to further reflect our commitment to the wellbeing of our employees.







Studio culture

Reflective of the new, more hybridised and flexible approach to work, we earmark ‘Together’ days in the studio each week – on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays – where opportunities for collaborative work and interaction are encouraged. Capping this off each week is ‘Plus Together’, a Thursday evening sociable get-together with talks and presentations.

On a quarterly basis, we have ‘Skills +’ days, where we undertake group trips and activities such as site visits, walking tours, exhibition visits, making workshops and more formal training sessions. These shared experiences continually expose us to opportunities to learn new things together that in turn enhance our work. When possible, we have study trips overseas to see projects – as well as have fun.

Gatherings and events

Since 2017, we have been based at our light-filled studio in Clerkenwell, at the centre of London’s architectural community. We host weekly gatherings where the entire practice comes together to share work in progress, alongside monthly practice updates. We take part in softball and five-a-side football against other London practices, as well as organising weekly yoga sessions and a lunchtime running club. We also hold regular practice lunches. cooked in-house by our employees

We encourage external organisations to use our extensive social space for talks, installations, events and fundraising for charity.

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