23, May 23

Unveiling Fata Morgana at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week

We welcomed 400 people into the studio for the opening of Fata Morgana, a multi-sensory immersive experience designed in collaboration with Studio Fractal and Architainment Lighting for Clerkenwell Design Week 2023.

Named after ancient sea mirages that sailors mistook for architectural constructions suspended above the horizon, Fata Morgana creates distortions of light, colour and reflection.

Illuminated with a constantly rippling and shifting spectrum of coloured light, Fata Morgana created a mesmorising pathway for visitors to walk and dance through. The sculpture was constructed from Notpla x G.F. Smith seaweed paper, an innovative material harnessing waste from the industrial processing of seaweed.

The immersive lighting themes are inspired by the fragile and endangered beauty of; Stars in the night sky; gently moving clouds against a blue sky; dappled light through a forest canopy, swaying kelp fronds underwater; an ice cave within a glacier.

The installation is open from 9am-6pm each day from 23-25 May for Clerkenwell Design Week 2023.

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