Adara Wicaksono

Architectural Assistant
For me, architecture gives us the opportunity to create resilient places, contribute to vibrant communities, and enhance quality of life. ”

A graduate of Middlebury College, USA, and the London School of Architecture, Adara has international experience in architecture, urban planning and non-profit work.

Since joining Jestico + Whiles in 2020, Adara has been a member of the practice’s education studio, where she is working on a range of projects, from university buildings to schools in the UK and abroad.

As a recipient of the Churchill Fellowship, Adara has a particular research focus on socially sustainable design methods. She is currently enjoying designing for the students of a special education needs school in a tropical climate.

Adara is passionate about broadening access to the architecture profession, and enjoys contributing to the practice’s outreach programmes, including Open City Accelerate and Matt + Fiona. She is also an Architecture Foundation Young Trustee.

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