James Dilley

It's all about enhancing experience - design is just the means to that end. ”

James is a director at Jestico + Whiles, heading the practice’s hospitality studio. Under his leadership, the studio has won an international reputation for excellence for its design of hotels, restaurants, clubs, casinos, cruise ships and specialist retail.

James’ experience reads as a running series of “once in a lifetime” projects across the world, from Abu Dhabi to Lodz and from Luzerne to London, for clients including Mandarin Oriental, Kempinski, and W (Marriott).

Always evolving, in recent years his work has become increasingly “blended,” with hospitality functions infused into other typologies from work-space to retail and residential.

Trained as an architect, with a particular interest in interior design, James enjoys working on projects that unite these to create holistic, cogent and happy experiences for the user.

James lectures widely on hospitality and experiential design. He has chaired conferences and panels globally, as well as being an invited expert speaker in his field. He is a judge on prestigious, international design award panels.

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