Pareidolia was our experimental collaboration with Porcelanosa Group, Studio Fractal and Architainment Lighting, to create a new immersive experience.

The installation explored conceptions of movement, memory and pattern through a large-scale digitally fabricated installation made of Krion, a Porcelanosa product derived from natural minerals.

Pareidolia opened at Clerkenwell Design Week for three days, before moving on to feature at Canary Wharf Winter Light Festival. It was constructed from a seamless line of 45 freestanding krion fins, each 2.3 metres high and raised on a stone platform.

Each fin was illuminated with three integrated lighting fittings, which were designed to project familiar movements, patterns and imagery across the fins. This effect gave the installation its name: pareidolia is the tendency to perceive meaning in ambiguous visual patterns.

As well as a celebration of light, the installation became an impromptu catwalk and dynamic photographic backdrop, prompting delight from visitors of all ages.

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